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Program Focus Areas

Healthy Relationships

Forging Resilient Relationships

These sessions were uniquely designed to transform relationships for fathers by eliminating barriers that cause "Intimacy Ignorance."  Thus enabling fathers to discover and develop an authentic, healthy, intimate relationship with their spouse, co-parent, and children. This course equips fathers with the necessary skills to forge intimate relationships that will last a lifetime. A lack of true intimacy may produce feelings of unhealthy sexual dependence, isolation, or loneliness.

Responsible Parenting

The Nurturing Father’s Program

Fatherhood is hard, and sometimes, you need a little help. These sessions help fathers develop effective parenting and nurturing skills. During each session, fathers learn proven ways to enhance healthy family relationships, child development, and the proper attitude for male nurturance. Parenting from the fatherhood perspective is worth talking about.

Economic Stability

Keys to Financial Success

Economic mobility is the ability of someone to change their income or wealth. Through group and one-on-one discussions, fathers explore the concept of economic mobility. Are you prepared to move up the income ladder? Will your children do better than you when it comes to earning income? How do you make the climb more manageable for you and your children?

Program Requirements

Do you live in Prince George’s County?

Our program explicitly serves fathers in Prince George's County, Maryland. You are also eligible if you do not live in Prince George's County but have an active child support case.

Are you 18 years of age or older?

Our program can only support adult fathers who are 18 or older. We are happy to direct younger fathers to resources that may help them during their pre-adult years.

Are you a father of a child 18 years of age or younger?

We focus our programming on fathers with children 18 or younger. We want to ensure we impact those families with children at earlier generations to help set the stage for further growth and development.

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Our Model

A Father’s Place, Prince George’s County, assists fathers 18 and older to develop or enhance their skills in healthy relationships/marriage, parenting, and economic stability. Our approach provides fathers access to a community of fathers and supporters, one-on-one coaching services, and group-based workshops.

Community of fathers and supporters

One-on-one coaching services

Group-based workshops

The program provides participants with skill-based, father-focused instructions for achieving healthier marriages and relationships, improved parenting, and more economic stability for their families. Coaching services reinforce new skills and help fathers apply them in their own lives through the development of a personalized improvement plan. We also host presentations and seminars featuring local leaders that strengthen the skills learned during the program. Most importantly, we provide an opportunity for fathers to network and continue supporting one another beyond program completion.

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    Are you 18 years of age or older?


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